Category: Focal Points

Mr. Augusto Joaquim Pinto

E-mail: Organization: Lic.SP.MM, National Director of Human Resources, National Institute of Public Health, Ministry of Health

Mrs. Domingas da Costa Pereira

E-mail: Organization: General director of Administration, National Institute of Public Health

Dr. Alec Ekeroma

E-mail: Organization: Director General of Health/ CEO, Ministry of Health

Dr. Johanna S. Banzon

E-mail: Organization: The director of Health Human Resource Development Bureau (HHRDB)

Ms. Agnes Pawiong

E-mail: Organization: The Executive Manager Strategic Policy Division, National Department of Health

Dr. Thinakorn Noree

E-mail: Organization: Deputy Director of Health Administration Division of the Ministry of Public Health

Dr. Sunil De Alwis

E-mail:  Organization: Additional Secretary (Medical Services), Ministry of Health

Mr. Saugat Sambahamfe

E-mail: Organization: Section officer, Ministry of Health and Population

Dr. Pai Thitsar

E-mail: Organization: Assistant Director (foreign relations), Department of Human Resources for Health (DHRH)