The 13th AAAH Conference

Building a Resilient Health Workforce and Preparing for Future Public Health Emergencies

Date : 28-31 October 2024

The Asia-Pacific Action Alliance for Human Resources for Health (AAAH)

In 2005, the Asia-Pacific Action Alliance for Human Resources for Health (AAAH), a regional partnership mechanism, was launched by 10 founding member countries in response to international recognition of the need for global and regional action to strengthen country capacity for HRH planning and management. The AAAH is part of a larger movement to enhance HRH development as articulated in Kampala Declaration and the Agenda for Global Action.

Currently, AAAH is composed of 22 countries, consisting of 10 countries from WHO SEAR (South-East Asia Region), 9 countries from WHO WPR (Western Pacific Region) and 3 countries from WHO EMR (Eastern Mediterranean Region).

The 13th AAAH Conference

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed critical vulnerabilities in health systems across the Asia-Pacific region. With climate change and global interconnectedness on the rise, the likelihood of future public health emergencies (PHEs) is increasing. This necessitates building resilient health systems with strong and adaptable workforces at their core.

The 13th AAAH Conference addresses this pressing need. This international event brings together experts, policymakers, and practitioners to explore critical issues surrounding health workforce resilience in the face of PHEs.

Key Focus Areas

The Health Workforce as the Cornerstone of Resilience: Discussions will delve into the essential role played by the health workforce in building robust health systems that can effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from PHEs.

Navigating Future Public Health Challenges in Asia-Pacific Region: Enhancing systemic responses to a wide range of threats, including natural disasters, outbreaks, and human-made crises. This involves overcoming resource strain, resistance to change, and dependence on centralized policies in the Asia-Pacific region, and fostering stronger leadership within the healthcare workforce.

Defining and Enhancing Resilience in the Health Workforce: The conference will highlight the need to equip the health workforce with skills and mechanisms that support the health system’s capacity to absorb, adapt, and transform in response to PHEs.

Harnessing the Power of Digital Health: The conference will showcase the transformative potential of digital health technologies in enhancing health system resilience.

Strengthening Primary Health Care (PHC): A strong and accessible PHC system is the bedrock of any effective health response and ensures sustainable solutions.

Building a Collaborative Future

The 13th AAAH Conference fosters collaboration and action-oriented discussions. Participants will explore effective strategies for knowledge sharing, resource allocation, and the implementation of solutions across the Asia-Pacific region. The ultimate goal is to equip healthcare systems with a future-proof health workforce, ensuring a more robust and responsive approach to PHEs in the years to come.

Join Us!

The 13th AAAH Conference provides a unique platform for learning, networking, and driving collective action towards a resilient health workforce in the Asia-Pacific. We invite stakeholders from all sectors to participate in this critical conversation.

Objective 1. To enhance the preparedness and response competencies of health workforces and healthcare systems to effectively manage future public health emergencies

1.1 To explore the potential of digital technologies in enhancing the capability, capacity, and competency of the health workforce, and team competencies and mobilize human resources for health effectively.

1.2 To identify a system to support to equip the primary health care workforces with essential public health competencies, and bridge gaps in One Health and Digital Health knowledge

1.3 To identify and acknowledge best practices, local initiatives, crucial role of health workforces in enhancing health system resilience during public health emergencies.

Objective 2. To award and recognize exemplary contributions and initiatives that have demonstrated exceptional resilience, innovation, and effectiveness in preparing for and responding to public health emergencies.

Objective 3. To strengthen the capacity of the AAAH network, facilitate south-south and north-south collaborative initiatives, and document domestic initiatives to prioritize actions for building a resilient health workforce.

Theme and Sub-Theme

Building a Resilient Health Workforce and Preparing for Future Public Health Emergencies

Sub-theme 1: Integrating technologies for a digital-ready health workforce

Sub-theme 2: Strengthening primary health care with a one-health perspective

Conference Information

Date: 28-31 October 2024

Location: Crown Plaza Hotel, Vientiane, Lao PDR

4. award categories for the 13th AAAH Conference

Award for Primary Health Care Team

To recognize teams that have demonstrated excellence in providing comprehensive, accessible, community-based care, the criteria is specifically designed to honour collaborative efforts, innovation, and effectiveness in primary health care delivery.

Award for Health Profession Education

To recognize either individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to the field of health professional education.

Award for Digital Health

To recognize projects that have significantly advanced the integration and application of digital technologies in healthcare

Award for Youth

To recognize either individuals or teams of young people who have made significant impacts to overcome public health challenges faced by their community through innovation and leadership.

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