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Analysis of the human resource management role in hospitals using Ulrich model


Authors: MohebbiFar Rafat,  Shams Mahboobeh and Javadi Amir


Human resource (HR) management is regarded as a vital factor in organizations. Nowadays, the human factor is considered a unique strategic resource and key executive system designers of organizational processes. Based on progressive organizational thinking, the human resource is assumed as a major asset among company’s production factors. The research goal for this paper is to evaluate human resource’s role in specialized and sub specialized medical training hospitals of Iran, using Ulrich model. Research results indicated that the studies hospitals revealed an average quality in providing human resource services and none of the hospitals could close to 160 which is the high quality standard of human resources based  on the Ulrich model. Besides, the results showed that there is a significant positive correlations between the service qualities and human resources; and “strategic partner role” considered as the strength and “staff support role” regarded as a resilient point in human resource management. Considering positive impact of strengthening the planning, management and training of health workers on the performance of this section, it would be possible to improve the capacity of human resource managers and the quality of healthcare services in the society.
Key words: Human resource management, excellence, role of human resources, health services
Read the full paper by clicking the link below: http://www.academicjournals.org/ajbm/PDF/pdf2012/19Dec/Rafat%20et%20al.pdf.